Xubuntu 11.10 screenshots

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Our old friend Synaptic. The theme I’m using here is called Keramik. With a name like that, I’ve got to assume it’s a modified KDE theme, but I don’t know that for sure.
I moved Panel 2 to the left side of the screen (it defaults to the bottom), and it rests there more comfortably than it has in any of my previous experiences with Xfce. I had to shorten it to 97%, though, or else it occasionally covers that little blue-and-white mouse in the upper left corner, and that’s the main menu—it’s like the Start button in that other operating system, you might say, except that it brings you Linux goodness.

Xfce is justly renowned for its flexibility; if it runs on Linux, it’ll run on the Xfce desktop. Here, from the world of Gnome, are gLabels and AbiWord. This theme is called Retro.

It’s a managerial revolution! The Xfce Settings Manager is here obscured for your convenience by Xubuntu’s Update Manager. This theme is called Elberg.

Xfce has the coolest weather applet! The pull-down at the top is Clipman—Xfce’s clipboard utility—in action. Clipman was lost in the transition to Xfce 4.8, but it has reappeared just in the last couple of weeks, and seems none the worse for wear. This theme, Cruxish, looks like Gnome Crux, but takes on whatever system colors are in effect at the time. (You set system colors in Settings Manager | Appearance.) (Later: I don’t like the weather applet any more. It says we’re going to get snow and high winds later today.)

The Onboard on-screen keyboard and the Gnome Character Map. This theme is called Moheli.

In a “Wheee!” of postmodern exuberance, I took a screenshot of a screenshot. This is Ristretto, Xfce’s image viewer. Again, the theme is Cruxish. The wallpaper is the default for Xubuntu 11.10, as it was for Xubuntu 11.04.

2 Responses to Xubuntu 11.10 screenshots

  1. Jas says:

    Is it possible to have a bottom panel, a taskbar, instead of the dock?

  2. Polk says:

    Yup, all panels can be modified through Settings > Settings Manager > Panel.
    You can change its size, and composition. Thus making from your dock a standard taskbar.

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