Pardus 2011.1 Xfce screenshots

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The new look of Pardus for its 2011 series. Now that I know that Nazar is there for a good reason, I left it in the upper right corner. The name “Pardus” does kind of scroll off the edge; I think that’s a function of my monitor (an aging Acer 15″) or the video card in the “play” computer, or both. It looks fine on the 23″ monitor, but the screenshots were ginormous.

The Xfce terminal emulator, colorized and slightly transparented.

Traditionally, Pardus has featured some vibrant, edgy art for your desktop background from great Turkish photographers. But in this release, we only get some stock Xfce wallpapers.

Some goodies for your panels. I hope they include Xfce’s very cool, no pun intended, weather plugin in the final release.

PiSi at work. Or, to be precise, Package Manager, the graphical front end for PiSi, at work. The grey box is a screenshot artifact.

Xfce’s Application Finder is a sort of verbose menu, excellent for either the new Linux explorer or an arrival from another desktop. Here we’re scoping out the multimedia applications that are installed out of the box.

While compiling this page, I discovered that Pardus didn’t include a screenshot utility; so I found a bash script on the Xfce forum, contributed in 2007 by someone named purplehaze. Here it is, in Emacs.

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