Mageia 1 KDE screenshots

The main screen. This is what Mageia will look like for you the first time you boot into it.

The KDE ”classic” menu, including the ever-popular Recently Used Applications. I’m used to having the menus and taskbars on the top edge of the screen, as in Gnome and Xfce; of KDE distributions with which I’m familiar, Pardus puts it there by default, but in Mageia I can’t figure out how to move it. (Actually, for a long time, I had the Gnome taskbar on the left, because screens tend to be wider than they are tall and are getting more so.)

Opera, Claws Mail, and Akregator practicing peaceful coexistence. Non-KDE applications don’t take second place in this environment. For your next lesson, girls and boys, I will ask you to say “Akregator” three times, very quickly.

PySolFC and Emacs.

The wonderful KGeography. For this lesson, I will ask you to identify the eighteen departamentos of Honduras. (As a collector of stamps and factoids, I actually know a few of them.)

Okular, the KDE document reader. For this screenshot, I open up Mendel Cooper’s Advanced Bash Scripting Guide to Chapter 5, which isn’t the same thing as understanding the first four chapters. But it makes me feel smart.

Gwenview, displaying an Xubuntu screenshot, just to be confusing. Dolphin, KDE’s file manager (and a fine one it is), is in the background. If the horizontal stripes in Dolphin are too much for you, you can choose another color scheme; it’s a somewhat hit-or-miss proposition, but the previews are of some help.

Mageia supplies quite a few desktop wallpapers, and adding more (like the last two in this lineup) is as easy as clicking that little button in the lower right corner that says Get New Wallpapers….

This is zen winter, which I grabbed from the aforementioned KDE wallpaper bank. The heat index in southeastern Connecticut is just nutso today.

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