Linux Mint 12 screenshots

Click on any one of the screenshots to get a righteously state-of-the-art closeup.

It’s new, it’s different, it’s Linux Mint 12, but the steel-gray theme is becoming a standard of the default desktop. See that infinity sign in the upper left corner, where the mouse pointer is pointing? That gets you into the next screen.


The other half of the Linux Mint desktop, GNOME 3 version. Note near the top left there are two words: Windows and Applications. This is Windows.


And this is Applications. It just occurred to me that people who came up with the newest interfaces (mobile devices) and a long-ago generation of interfaces (Windows 3.1 scattered icons all over the place) might get along with this, and people who came up somewhere in between might not.


The Mint Menu, or what the Mint Menu has become, under the two looks of GNOME 3. I had trouble getting the slider bar (at the right edge of the menu) to slide, largely because it tends to disappear—as in the first of these screens.


This is your Desktop Settings module. Puissant as hell, ain’t it? At least those dopey fortune cookies aren’t on by default.


Is that ⅔ of somebody’s head or ¾ of a porcelain throne? The Advanced Settings module offers a touch of levity of the kind I don’t really expect from GNOME.


This is MATE, which I have sometimes seen spelled MATÉ (a pleasantly caffeinated herbal drink endemic to Argentina and legendary to anybody who has ever read Don Segundo Sombra). Actually, this screenshot is from the release candidate; the Real Deal features a Mint Menu that looks a whole lot like the Mint Menu you’ve come to know and love. (I’ll try to get some more screenshots up here one of these days.) But peep that real estate! Does it look familiar? I mean delightfully familiar? To fork GNOME 2 is glorious!!


This is MATÉ’s file manager, which sometimes is called Caja and sometimes is called Nautilus. I saw the name Caja more frequently in the release candidate, which I ran for a week or so. I love MATÉ and at this point it’s tied with KDE and Xfce as my favorite desktop environment.

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