Kubuntu 11.10 screenshots

Better late than never, here are some screenshots of Kubuntu 11.10 in action.

This is Muon, the package manager that Kubuntu is introducing with this release.

Here’s what happened when I searched for “claws”. I couldn’t figure out how to sort those returns alphabetically. If you need to search for “mc”, you could be in for a slog.

But once Claws Mail is installed, it runs as well as it does on any distro. Here it is with top. (And here’s a raucous version of “Red Top” from a Barcelona band with a Russian-sounding name.)

The System Settings module. Even though it looks pretty much like it has throughout KDE 4.x’s fabled history, it works a lot better.

KDE’s most excellent CPU-monitoring widgets. Now, if I could figure out how to get these bad boys into the taskbar where they would do some good, I’d be cooking with gas.

The partition editor.

Here is KSnapshot taking a picture of itself.

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