Foresight Linux 2.5 Xfce screenshots

Clicking on any of the pictures will bring up a full-sized version.

This is the desktop that greets you after you boot into your new Foresight installation.

The Thunar file manager in action. I used to struggle with Thunar, but it gets my vote for most improved module in Xfce 4.8.

Don’t ask me why I like the Xfce terminal emulator so much, but I do. Here it’s set to partial transparency.

The Xfce settings console isn’t as comprehensive as its KDE and Gnome counterparts, but it is pleasant and well-organized: another aspect of the design smarts that have been going into this desktop environment.

Finding the WiFi networks at the Meriden Public Library. A right-click on the little network icon brings up Network Manager. I’m one of those old-school types who go to libraries to write, do some research, or chill, and I’m happy to say that Foresight’s wireless capabilities have been excellent.

I host one of the many groups on the Postcrossing Forum. Firefox and Emacs work together via the magic of the It’s All Text! extension to help me keep my group of postcard aficionados organized.

A more leisurely desktop background than the default, or I think so anyway—maybe because the colors remind me of leisure suits.

3 Responses to Foresight Linux 2.5 Xfce screenshots

  1. Thanks for the great screenshots, will use a few for upcoming blog post about XFCE :)

  2. Barnaby says:

    Ah, Foresight Linux back from hibernation. I used to play with it around 0.7/0.8 but it felt fairly heavy and slow. The rollback feature of Conary is nice though, like you said somewhere else.
    And Xfce fits just perfectly for me. Thunar, the Terminal, the menu structure, it all seems to make more sense in Xfce than in Gnome/KDE.> Take care.

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