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Linux Mint’s Debianized Xfce

I discovered Mandriva in the wake of a catastrophe…but that is a story for another day, one which I shall spin when I write up my review of Mageia. I bring up Mandriva because in my life, the most usable … Continue reading

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Rollback, a barrel of fun

One morning, not long ago, I ran the sudo conary updateall command in the terminal emulator in one of my Foresight Linux Xfce installations. Conary did what it was told, as Conary always does unless the connection times out or … Continue reading

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Screenshots are here

Responding to some eminently reasonable suggestions in the comments, I made a few screenshots for Foresight Linux and for Pardus. Links are over in the right column, under “Screenshots ‘n stuff”. I spent part of yesterday playing around with some … Continue reading

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Pardus and Xfce: a bright and powerful parade

Pardus has been around for years, and occupies a luxury-car niche in the Linux world: easy to install and configure, extremely stable, very friendly, and very KDE-centric. It is not related to Mepis, but its rôle in the Penguinist ecosystem … Continue reading

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Foresight Linux, Xfce, and me

Gnome 3 looks to the future without fear. It even looks like the future, when everybody will have hooks implanted in their foreheads so they can look at their smartphones while they’re walking down the street. I’m getting old, and … Continue reading

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