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Xubuntu 11.10: go, little ‘Buntu, go!

The release announcement was not exactly bashful: There are a few times when, through hard work and diligence, we get things right. The developers and contributors of Xubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” believe they have it right. They are proud to … Continue reading

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A weekend with Kubuntu

I’ve been playing around with Kubuntu 11.10 for four or five days, in between taking our little cat Sammy to the emergency room for little cats and participating in other activities of daily living. Here are my first and second … Continue reading

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Mageia, three months (or so) on

If I ever had any regular readers, I’m sure I’ve lost them all by now! We had a bit of weather in Connecticut, as you might have heard; putting up hurricane shutters, and later taking them down, brought me into … Continue reading

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A message from the Eocene; or, the ballad of WordPerfect

From time to time, I look back fondly on the years when I ran Windows. It doesn’t last; my wife’s computer has XP on it, and XP needs some periodic adjusting, and then it all seems like just a bad … Continue reading

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