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A podcast I liked

I’ve never really made a habit of listening to Linux podcasts, but I happened to download an episode of MintCast the other day. They spent most of it talking to Jonathan Nadeau of Frostbite Systems and, apparently, the Accessible Computing … Continue reading

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Mageia: the return of the Girl Next Door

Like many acolytes in the Temple of the Mighty Penguin, I had my first successful Linux experience with Ubuntu. (It was 7.04. I still have the disk.) I was generally satisfied with Ubuntu, but had some trouble with WiFi, looked … Continue reading

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Linux Mint’s Debianized Xfce

I discovered Mandriva in the wake of a catastrophe…but that is a story for another day, one which I shall spin when I write up my review of Mageia. I bring up Mandriva because in my life, the most usable … Continue reading

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